Company quality policy

The quality policy is a strategic decision of our company, which is committed to maintaining its quality management system in compliance with the requirements of the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

This system regulates the organisational and technical activities applied to the entire company system in a systematic, planned, documented and aimed at achieving the following objectives:

The continuous improvement of the activity in order to achieve ever better technical-qualitative and managerial results achievement of a high level of quality of the product made in full compliance with customer requirements

The Management is directly involved in the activities and is constantly engaged in the production and commercial development of the company. This commitment is realized through:

  • the implementation of processes and workings suitable to realize products and services that respect the contractual commitments, the regulations in force and meet the needs and expectations of customers, users and any party interested in the company's activities;
  • the actions necessary to reduce business risks and to seize the opportunities offered by the reference context, including effective technical collaboration with suppliers;
  • the development of innovation, to confirm our attention to the demands of the markets and the growing demands for products that respect the environment;
  • the constant commitment to providing the resources needed to create, maintain and renew a working environment consisting of infrastructure, machinery and equipment capable of guaranteeing adequate production capacity, as well as technical and organisational skills supported by the provision of appropriate training;
  • the search for continuous collaboration with employees and collaborators, to involve them in company activities and make them aware of their role and the importance of their work in achieving and maintaining product and service compliance;

the ability to achieve continuous improvement in its performance, measuring the effectiveness of its processes and planning growth objectives consistent with company strategies.