In addition to quality control, our Technical Department is available to our customers and potential users for advice, application tests and laboratory controls, ready to meet the continuous requests, always taking into account the latest legislative standards. In order to offer the required performance, the ideal product is studied with the chemical-physical characteristics that best suit the application.

A part of this department is dedicated to the research and development of new products, facing the needs of a constantly evolving market.

The attention to the natural world, which has always distinguished us, has also allowed us to acquire considerable experience and professionalism in this field and to extend our offer also to ECO-BIO formulations.


In order to optimise the performance of coolant fluids in operation, control analyses must be carried out periodically to check their condition.

Our quality control laboratory is therefore available to customers with the following instrumentation:


  • THERMOAGITATORS (Shaking with heating)


  • CRIOSTATIC BATHROOM (Cold Stability Test - Quality Control)
  • VISCOSIMETER BATHROOM (Viscosity at 40 °C with Cannon-Fenske capillaries)
  • PRECISION BALANCE SHEET 0.001 g (Weighing and Formulation)
  • BANK CONDUCTIMETER (Electrical Conductivity Measurement)
  • BENCH CAMERA (Ph measurement)
  • REFRACTOMETER (Measures the percentage of fluid in emulsion)
  • FT-IR SPECTROPHOTOMETER (IR investigation analysis - V - IR quality control of raw materials)


  • THERMOSTATIC STUFA (Heat-tightness test - Bacterial test at 37 °C)


Thanks to our efficient internal research and development laboratory and our modern structure with highly flexible production and packaging lines, we offer the customer an accurate Private Label service for the formulation of lubricating fluids.

Our team of highly specialized chemists creates customized formulations for the customer, based on market demand and target groups.

For the production we have various types of mixers that allow production of small, medium and large volumes and to pack tanks from 25 to 56 liters, drums of 200 liters, tanks of 1000 liters.

Our structure can also offer a complete service of product realization from formulation to production and packaging with labels and/or packaging provided by the customer.